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    Resi­li­ent and powerful

    Hexagon sock­et bits (i.e. bits for hexagon sock­et screws) are the all­round tal­ent of the tool industry: they achieve a high power trans­mis­sion and are a good altern­at­ive for angle span­ners. With the most com­mon span­ner widths in the bit set, you are pre­pared for everything.

    Hexagon bits for drills and screwdrivers

    Bits for hexagon head screws are char­ac­ter­ized by the side faces, which are at a 120° angle to each oth­er. The flanks run par­al­lel, not con­ic­al. This means that high torque is pos­sible with hexagon bits without the cam-out effect get­ting in your way. Wheth­er for Ikea fur­niture, bicycles or heavy machinery — extern­al and intern­al hexagon­al screws are used in numer­ous ways.

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      Bits for hexagon head screws

      We always get the best out of hexagon­al bits too:

      • Expert­ise: Dec­ades of exper­i­ence and dif­fer­en­ti­ated know-how help shape every detail of our bits.
      • Pro­tec­tion: Dif­fer­ent vari­ants of coat­ings adapt our bits to your needs.
      • Spe­cial solu­tions: If you do not find what you are look­ing for in our stand­ard range or if you have a unique prob­lem, we also pro­duce cus­tom­ized tools for you — e.g. for fence con­struc­tion (met­al fences), the user needs a span­ner size of 5.5 mm, and for chassis in motor vehicles, a span­ner size of 7 mm is used. These dimen­sions are rarely found in usu­al bit sets.