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    PZ Bits — Loosen­ing screws and problem

    PZ bits (cross slot­ted) are the ideal tool for simple or quick jobs and become a prob­lem solv­er in every­day life, espe­cially in wood­work­ing. Because Pozid­riv® screws are used so often and uni­ver­sally, you are always equipped with the three most com­mon sizes of cross bit in your set.

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    Favor­ite for light work

    The PZ bit dif­fers from the nor­mal Phil­lips® bit in a few, but essen­tial points:

    • The head is adorned not only by four large flanks, but by four oth­er, smal­ler ones, off­set by 45 degrees
    • In con­trast to the Phil­lips® design, the four main flanks do not taper

    This pro­file not only increases the hold of the PZ bit in the screw head, but also improves the power trans­mis­sion: thus a high­er torque can be achieved.

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      How ASW has per­fec­ted the PZ Bit

      When man­u­fac­tur­ing our bits, we take into account every tenth of a mil­li­meter: so that they can be posi­tioned pre­cisely in cor­res­pond­ing screws. In com­bin­a­tion with a pre­cise man­u­fac­tur­ing pro­cess, a spe­cial harden­ing pro­cess, pre­cisely selec­ted mater­i­als and our choice of coat­ings, this not only reduces the risk of dam­aging the screw, but also the wear of the cross bit itself.