ASW Wekador Mul­ti­point (XZN) Bits

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    Mas­ter­ing pure power

    Bits for mul­ti­point screws (XZN) are the spe­cial­ists in power trans­mis­sion. They are in demand where elec­tric screw­drivers run at full speed and power and speed are most import­ant: an out­put pro­file for real efficiency.

    6 teeth added — the mul­ti­point bits (XZN)

    Mul­ti­point tools have even more and finer flanks than TORX® pro­files, for example: 12 right-angled teeth form the pro­file, which is also known as XZN. Because the trans­mit­ted force is thus bet­ter trans­mit­ted, even high­er torque fig­ures are pos­sible. Intens­ive force applic­a­tion like this is irre­place­able in the auto­mot­ive industry, for example.

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      Mul­ti­point tool: The power bit in the tool­box (XZN)

      ASW tools are forged with detailed know-how and pas­sion for prob­lem solving:

      • Spe­cial harden­ing pro­cess: Our bits are robust but cush­ion slight twists.
      • Coat­ings: Our sock­et sets as well as the bit sets are equipped with dif­fer­ent coat­ings that sup­port your needs.
      • Spe­cial solu­tions: If our stand­ard range does not offer a solu­tion for you, we also man­u­fac­ture tools that are developed based on your per­son­al needs.