ASW Wekador Bits for TORX® screws

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    Game Over for the Cam Out Effect

    With bits for TORX® screws you save time, power and nerves — because the pro­file not only trans­mits much high­er torques than slot­ted or cross-slot­ted bits, but also reduces the cam-out effect. So you get ulti­mate power without any stress — for easy work­ing days and fun in the home workshop.

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    Bits and sock­ets for TORX® screws — extern­al and internal

    Bits for TORX® screws have a hexagon sock­et drive which, unlike cross-slot­ted bits, is not tapered but has six par­al­lel flanks. Due to the lack of axi­al force, they do not simply slip out of the screws.

    Because the rota­tion­al forces are not only applied select­ively, but to the entire flanks, even more power can be trans­mit­ted — with even less wear.

    There are dif­fer­ent vari­ants of TORX® drive bits: Bits for inside and out­side TORX® screws, as well as the TR (Tamper-Res­ist­ant) range, where a small pin in the middle of the screw pre­vents any­one who does not have the right tool from loosen­ing it. We also pro­duce dif­fer­ently coated bits that fur­ther sup­port the qual­ity of our materials.

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      Bits for TORX® screws for effi­cient power transmission

      Bits for TORX® screws have a vari­ety of advant­ages, espe­cially com­pared to more famil­i­ar drivers such as slot­ted, PH or PZ:

      • Low-wear: The pro­file is gentle on screw and bit. That is why they are also suit­able for auto­mat­ic pro­duc­tion with the help of robots, for example.
      • In gen­er­al, the more flanks, the easi­er it is for the bit to find its way into the screw. That is why the TX drive is par­tic­u­larly fast and efficient.
      • Power-sav­ing: If you work with cord­less screw­drivers, speed is syn­onym­ous with longer bat­tery life.