ASW Wekador impact sock­et wrenches 1 inch

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    ASW impact sock­et 1 inch: When it gets really tough

    Impact sock­ets with 1 inch drive are needed by tech­ni­cians and mech­an­ics who have to deal with heav­ier machinery. The drive can with­stand high torque num­bers and does even rough work with pure power and precision.

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    One inch — pure power

    Wheth­er work is due on wind tur­bines or when bolt­ing rail­road tracks, 1‑inch impact sock­ets are designed for high-force tasks. Since they’re meant to be used with elec­tric, pneu­mat­ic or hydraul­ic wrenches, you don’t demand it of your­self, how­ever, but rather let your wrench do the work for you. They are suit­able for everything from truck tires to machine aggreg­ates to attach­ing wind tur­bine cones. Mainly they are needed with hexagon­al drive.