ASW Wekador impact sock­et ¼ inch

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    ASW impact sock­et ¼ inch:
    The all­round­er among the sockets

    Impact sock­ets with ¼ inch drive are without ques­tion the most com­mon sock­ets — they fit almost every screw in every­day life as well as for small and quick jobs. Thanks to our spe­cial harden­ing pro­cess, the tools from ASW can with­stand any load: for effi­ciency in your every­day work.

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    Impact sock­ets: square sock­et and ¼ inch

    Because ¼ inch power sock­ets are so ver­sat­ile, we pro­duce them in numer­ous widths across flats from 3.5 to 14 mm — and thus con­vince all kinds of industries:

    • Crafts­man
    • HKS area
    • Auto­mot­ive industry
    • Roof­ers
    • Facil­ity Management
    • And many more.

    With a ¼ inch sock­et , you can drive most screws that get in your way in every­day life. It is pre­cisely because of the uni­ver­sal applic­a­tion pos­sib­il­it­ies (and the fre­quent use that goes with it) that qual­ity must be relied on here — as it is with us as the manufacturer

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      Raw power and safety com­bined — with ASW

      The ¼ inch impact sock­ets are designed for elec­tric screw­drivers due to their thick wall thick­ness and high degree of hard­ness — pure power with which you can carry out any pro­ject with determ­in­a­tion. How­ever, your ASW sock­et or sock­et case can also be used with an ordin­ary ratchet when no power tool is available.

      Our range of impact sock­ets includ­ing ¼ inch sock­ets con­tains total lengths in the stand­ard range, i.e. 23 and 50 mm. All oth­er val­ues are also based on pre­scribed stand­ards — for the sake of safety, which is also a top pri­or­ity for us.