Tool exten­sion with know-how

Every­one knows the prob­lem: You can­’t always reach the bolts in the depth of an engine com­part­ment with your sock­et wrench, you can­’t fit the required tool to an avail­able drive machine, or you simply need an adapter to use dif­fer­ent drive sizes. In such cases, con­nect­ing parts and exten­sions come into play, which are part of the stand­ard scope of deliv­ery of any good sup­pli­er of pro­fes­sion­al tools.

An import­ant dis­tin­guish­ing fea­ture regard­ing the qual­ity of such con­nect­ing parts and exten­sions can be quickly recog­nized by the pro­fes­sion­al by the design of these tools. The burr-free and optic­ally clean man­u­fac­tur­ing as well as the suf­fi­cient dimen­sion­ing in the mater­i­al thick­ness are the cor­res­pond­ing indicators.

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You can quickly tell the dif­fer­ence between a good and a very good sup­pli­er by look­ing at ASW’s products. We at ASW are aware of the fact that time costs money. For this reas­on, the user who has to change tools fre­quently can get fasten­ers with quick-change mech­an­ism from us. Any­one who has ever worked with such a tool will not want to give it up.