ASW Wekador Impact sock­et ½ inch

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    Tools for work­shops and pro­fes­sion­al craftsmen

    Impact sock­ets with ½ inch square drive are inten­ded, among oth­er things, for work on motor vehicles — wheth­er for clas­sic car fans or mech­an­ics. Users in industry or the trades also rely on this drive dimen­sion. They com­bine high loads with little effort and a large selec­tion of drives.

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    The half-inch sock­et – A “must-have” for every pro­fes­sion­al user

    Work­shops can­not do without power sock­ets with ½ inch drive. Wheth­er a wheel bolt needs to be loosened or a nut under the motor hood needs to be tightened, this size is simply best suited for this thanks to eas­ily achiev­able high torques. Cars and motor­bikes can be repaired with it without any problems.

    Note: Our half-inch sockets are designed for pneumatic, cordless as well as electric screwdrivers - thanks to the high-quality workmanship, they can withstand this load. While you should not use conventional chrome nuts on these screwdrivers, you can also use ASW power sockets (1/2 inch as well as others) with hand tools/ratchets.

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      Impact sock­ets ½ inch: the inter­na­tion­al standard

      The half-inch sock­ets from ASW show their poten­tial uni­ver­sally in the trade and in the work­shop — and prove time and again what they are made of:

      • Selec­tion: Because the drive form is so pop­u­lar and ver­sat­ile, there is hardly any oth­er dimen­sion with so many drive types: from cross recess to hexagon sock­et and multi-tooth (XZN) to TORX®-Plus, you will find everything you need in our range.
      • Hard­ness: ASW Tools com­bine sta­bil­ity with flex­ib­il­ity: thanks to the high mater­i­al qual­ity and a spe­cial harden­ing pro­cess, the sock­ets with­stand great loads by being unbeat­ably robust and yet pli­able enough to com­pensate for small errors.