ASW Wekador Impact sock­et 1 ½ inch

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    ASW Impact sock­et 1 ½ inch:
    Big sock­ets for big projects

    With an impact sock­et with 1 ½ inch square drive, you can also mas­ter chal­lenges that require a lot of strength and man­power. The tools are just right for heavy sock­ets and bolts, so that even large under­tak­ings are not stopped.

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    Power trans­mis­sion without compromise

    Impact sock­ets of 1 ½ inch are irre­place­able for heavy machinery or for ship pro­pellers, for example. Wheth­er in heavy industry or in power plants, some­times high­er torques are needed than is usu­al in every­day life. More power, bet­ter tools and a bit of determ­in­a­tion can also loosen screws that are too tight due to extreme tem­per­at­ure dif­fer­ences, for example.

    Note: In most cases, these sockets (square) can only be used on hydraulic wrenches that are equipped with a support or load arm so that the high torque can be maintained.

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      Con­quer Heavy Metal

      Sock­ets of 1 ½ inch cal­ibre are the best pos­sible solu­tion when such a high amount of force is needed. Our power sock­ets (square) are:

      • Robust: A spe­cial harden­ing pro­cess and high-qual­ity mater­i­als ensure that the nuts with­stand high loads.
      • Safe: The 1 ½ inch sock­ets are secured with a pin and rub­ber ring — so there is no risk of any­one get­ting hurt if they break.
      • Accur­ate fit: We work to the mil­li­meter to cre­ate the optim­um fit for our sock­ets — 1 ½ inch as well as the oth­er versions.

      Mit einem Steckschlüs­sel mit 1 ½ Zoll Vierkant-Antrieb bewälti­gen Sie auch Heraus­for­der­ungen, bei den­en viel Kraft und Man­power gefragt sind. Die Tools sind für schwere Mut­tern und Schrauben genau das Richtige, sodass selbst großen Vorhaben kein Ein­halt geboten ist.

      Hinweis: Meistens sind diese  Stecknüsse (Vierkant) nur auf solchen Hydraulikschraubern zu verwenden, die mit einem Stütz- bzw. Lastarm ausgestattet sind, sodass das hohe Drehmoment gehalten werden kann.