ASW Wekador Impact Sock­et 2 ½ inch

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    ASW Impact Sock­et 2 ½ inch:
    Large, strong and pre­cisely hardened

    The 2 ½ inch Impact sock­et tight­ens even the largest screw — pre­cisely fit­ting, robust and indom­it­able. High loads stop neither the sock­et nor you.

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    No task too big, no screw too heavy

    The impact sock­ets with 2 ½ inch drive also con­quer ship’s pro­pellers. No mat­ter wheth­er a sock­et is a little tight­er than expec­ted or a screw has stayed in place too long, the Impact sock­et gets the bet­ter of them all. This is due to the qual­ity mater­i­als and high-grade work­man­ship with which ASW man­u­fac­tures tools — this is where exper­i­ence and expert­ise come together

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      Over­com­ing the biggest threads

      ASW Impact 2 ½ inch sock­ets are designed for high torques — but offer a whole range of oth­er advantages:

      • Size: Impact sock­et drives of 2 ½ inches are not every­day tools. How­ever, as a pro­du­cer of spe­cial tools, we also cov­er this niche.
      • As little wear as pos­sible: We design our power sock­ets with longev­ity and effi­ciency in mind — all fea­tures are tailored to this.
      • Reg­u­lar dur­ab­il­ity tests: With in-house test­ing facil­it­ies, we con­tinu­ally ensure that we sup­ply the reli­able qual­ity that defines us.